It’s Happysoul Tekstil Mağazacılık Ticaret Sanayi ve A.Ş. (Happysoul) with which you will make a contract for the membership of (Site) via the Internet. 

Our contact information is as follows: Address: Demirtaş Dumlupınar OSB Mah. Çiğdem 1. Sk. No: 23 Osmangazi/Bursa, Tel: 4447139, E-mail: [email protected], Central Registration System # 0457100955700001.

In order to establish this membership contract, you must enter the requested Member(ship) Information and the password that you will identify, by giving the specified approval and/or permissions and pressing the [Register] button and so on. We strongly ask you to enter your name, e-mail address/mobile phone number and other mandatory information in correct, complete and error-free manner; if you notice a bug, please correct it. After completing the membership process, you will be able to correct any shortcomings/bugs in the Membership Information section of the Member Login section or you can contact our Customer Services on 444 71 39. 

Once your membership process is completed, we will send you this Membership Information – Contract (in form – text) to the e-mail address you specified in the Membership Information. In addition, it is still in form on our Site. A text such as a “member-specific” contractual text (entered information as a party) may not be retained in Happysoul systems.

You can terminate your membership at any time by verbal or written notification to Happysoul through the above-mentioned communication channels, without giving any reason and paying any penalty (You can also use the link “resignation from the membership” in all emails sent by Happysoul to leave your membership); also Happysoul can terminate/suspend memberships due to various reasons.

For the confidentiality, protection, processing, use, commercial electronic communications and other matters of our members/clients in Happysoul and on our Site, the following Privacy Policy and Terms of Use shall be applied.

  • The necessary measures for the security of the information and transactions given by the members are taken by Happysoul or related organization in the systems and internet infrastructure according to the information and the nature of the transaction. All credit card transactions and approvals in your use of our Site, are carried out online by related banks and similar Card Organizations between you regardless of Happysoul (Information such as credit card password is not seen and saved by Happysoul).
  • Information entered on our Site for membership, purchase of products/services and information update, as well as sensitive confidential information about credit cards and debit cards cannot be viewed by other internet users.
  • The information of our members can be disclosed to the related institutions within the framework of the responsibilities stipulated by legal regulations. In addition, Happysoul, as well as its business partners, successors and/or third parties/organizations (including social media and online advertising operators), in accordance with the law and taking necessary measures, can retrieve all kind of information about personal information and purchases of the members (name, surname, nickname, age, gender, marital status, area of living, education level, interests, shopping habits of all kinds of products including clothes-likes, invoice contents, mobile/home/business phone number, device code, mail address, all kinds of card information except password, technical ad identifier-ID information and location data) by automated/ non-automatic methods, as well as they can procure, take over and keep these kinds of information in the written/magnetic archives in the country and abroad for the period to be envisaged provided that the legal maximum period is not exceeded, also they can store, protect, make available, use, update, modify, rearrange, classify, share, can transfer in the country and abroad, and handle these kinds of information in accordance with other laws both for legal reasons, as well as general and personalized services and facilities, and for all kinds of services, advertising, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and membership information, applications and operations.
  • Any personal or non-personal information relating to the physical and e-commerce stores/departments of members and their visits to the structures/sites in which they are located and to where they are located, in cases where the mobile version/application (smart device application) of the Site is used, if the relevant functions are open in their devices, can be taken from the Bluetooth and wireless network connections with the appropriate technical methods, the above mentioned commercial purposes can be processed by the companies and organizations mentioned above.
  • Our members, in accordance with the current laws, practices and processing of personal data in the legal scope and dimensions, can contact the Data Officer of Happysoul at any time from the above communication channels, if personal data are used in accordance with the purpose set forth in this Contract, if the information has been processed or incomplete by third parties to which it is transferred, corrected, erased or destroyed, notified/deleted/destroyed information (if any) to the relevant third parties, analysis with automated systems in case of any objections to the outcome of themselves and the elimination of damages due to unlawful processing of the data. The applications and requests in these matters shall be fulfilled within the legal deadlines or may not be accepted by explaining the legal grounds. Happysoul will in any case continue to process personal data that is required. Members may use other rights under the applicable laws.
  • For the purpose of promotion, advertisement, communication, sales and marketing of all kinds of products and services in accordance with the laws, as well as for store card, credit card and membership information, processing, applications, Happysoul can send SMS/text message, instant notification and can perform social, commercial and other electronic communications via Bluetooth and other wireless networks, social media and online communication networks, automatic dialing thorugh computer, phone, email, fax, (if your device is turned on), and other electronic communication means and can send commercial electronic messages to our members.
  • Our members can stop commercial electronic communications by reaching Happysoul from any of the communication channels stated (above-below) without any justification, or by performing the refusal process specified in our messages. According to the express notification of the member in this regard, the communications to the party for the channels specified are stopped within the legal maximum period (possible transactions and communications according to the law shall continue).
  • Since the membership and transactions are carried out based an electronic mail (e-mail) address in our systems, the membership of the ones who make requests such as deleting the e-mail address can be ended automatically by storing the information due to legal/contractual requirements and, if necessary, sharing with others. This is also the case when membership transactions are based on a mobile phone number.
  • The personal data of our members who change their information (including contact information) and the information they update on our Site, and their permission about electronic business communication, are also applied to the changed /new information. Our members who stop commercial electronic communications for any communication channel/address by changing their communication preferences such as this, or who refuse our commercial electronic messages, do so in the direction that they want communication in the membership page; they continue to receive our commercial electronic messages from the related channel until they confirm in other words and again change the communication preference from the membership page on our Site or make a refusal notice for any commercial communication.
  • The Member confirming this Contract by entering the information requested in the Membership Information to our website, declares and accepts that:

– he/she reads all the information written in the contract and understands it and understands that he/she will comply with all the obligations of the party in a complete and timely manner,

– Especially in terms of Personal Data; he/she agrees to give approval (consent) to Happysoul and the persons/organizations concerned in order to provide, transfer, register in the country and abroad, store, protect, use, alter, update, rearrange, explain, classify, combine (including social media accounts), transfer in the country and abroad, share among those concerned, and processing the current and prospective personal or non-personal information/data (name, surname, nickname, photo, age, gender, marital status, place of residence, education level, interests, shopping habits-preferences, tastes, invoice contents, mobile and other phone numbers, devices related to the clothes and other products-services code, technical ad identifier, ID information, all kinds of card information, including password, mail addresses and location data included) in automatic/non-methods (including Bluetooth, beacon, wireless networks, other online networks, etc.), acquired by himself/herself or from the product-service suppliers, from all members, business partners, investors and service providers (including social medias such as facebook, instagram, twitter), prior to and/or during the membership, in accordance with the law, under the purpose, scope and conditions specified in the Contract and that he/she has learned the rights of requesting to Data Officer of Happysoul for all the information about processing, deleting, destroying (or anonymizing) his/her personal data and using his/her communication channels in accordance with the relevant law (that the necessary and/or obligatory procedures will continue),

–  In particular, in terms of Commercial Electronic Messages; he/she agrees that he/she, in accordance with the relevant laws, has acknowledged that all kinds of products-services and facilities related to the party with commercial or non-commercial electronic communications, Internet and communication networks through computers, telephones, faxes, automatic search machines and other suitable devices/channels with all kinds of commercial electronic messages are allowed to be sent (approval), that he/she is aware that the contact information is received for this purpose and that he/she knows that he/she can stop the commercial electronic communication by using the right of refusal using the methods stated in the short message/mail at any time (if any) and without any justification (as required by law, necessary and/or obligatory commercial communications and social communication will continue),

– and that he/she can benefit from the conditions, in general, all services/products/facilities.

  • Other sites which can be reached from our Site have their own privacy-security policies and terms. Happysoul is not responsible for the use of information from other websites and mobile applications accessed through advertising, banner, content or any other purpose, as well as the conflict, material and non-pecuniary damages and losses caused by the ethical principles of the sites, confidentiality and security principles, service quality, conditions of use and other applications.
  • Happysoul has all intellectual and property rights, except those belonging to other third parties, in respect of any information, content, arrangement, revision and partial/full use of our Site, in accordance with Happysoul’s contract.
  • The members are responsible for the information they receive from our Site or other sites/mobile applications that are linked to our Site, information, publicity and advertisements which are communicated to their parties, and also the decisions they take in the framework of all kinds of suggestions and all kinds of transactions and applications made according to them.
  • In the event that the members are notified by specified surrogates and/or purchase of a product/service as a result of the communications, notifications, promotions and advertisements made to the parties, the mentioned transaction shall be subject to the consumer contract to be made by a statutory and additional procedure. The consumer contract shall be applied on its own terms and between its parties. In the case of purchases from our Site, the pre-notification form-distance sales contract terms you will see during each transaction will be valid as well. Happysoul reserves the right to make any changes in the above matters and the products, services and opportunities that it may deem necessary. These changes will be effective from the moment when they are announced by Happysoul from the Site/mobile application or other appropriate methods, all campaigns are subject to the terms announced.
  • Turkish Law shall be applied for the disputes between the parties related to this Contract and its Annexes and Turkish Courts shall have jurisdiction.

You can contact Happysoul for additional information on all these issues.

Our members can report their requests and complaints to Happysoul by contacting:

Address: Demirtaş Dumlupınar OSB Mah. Çiğdem 1.Sk. No:23 Osmangazi/Bursa

Phone: +90 444 71 39

E-mail:[email protected]

We are pleased to welcome all kinds of requests and complaints of our members with justified requests and complaints. If it is not possible, you can apply to Provincial and District Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in your settlement within the legal monetary limits.